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One Piece 1.11) What happened to Jewelry Bonney?
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RE: 1.11) What happened to Jewelry Bonney?

(03-21-2016 09:18 AM)Connor Steven Wrote:  Do we really know if she actually escaped?

I mean, we just saw her eating pizza and reading a newspaper right? Maybe she charmed the marines to get her pizza. lol I mean I didn't see any cuffs but, you never know. :P That or just some lame prison instead. (unless impel is the only prison for pirates?)

Well I phrased it vaguely "she somehow escaped" on purpose, since we don't know the exact details. But we do know that she means a great deal to the WG by the facts that she not only was retrieved by the Fleet Admiral himself, but also by his words "when I heard you ran away, a chill went down my spine", and Blackbeard was aware of her importance, thus he knew he could trade her for a battleship.

Seeing how undeniably important she is to the WG and how she is always hiding when we see her in the New World, it is unlikely that she was let free on purpose or that she "charmed" the Marines, and more likely that she escaped again / was helped secretly. :)

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