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Attack on Titan Do The Shifters/Titans Have Any Role In The Oncoming Battles?
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Do The Shifters/Titans Have Any Role In The Oncoming Battles?


The Age of Titan domination is ending. The manga has reached a point where the Titans are not a threat anymore and is fast approaching a situation where even the Shifters aren't much as was seen during the war with Marley and the East Allied Forces.

The Anti-Titan artillery for example is said to be able to kill a Shifter with a single shot which is what kept Reiner and Zeke away from the recent battlefield until it was destroyed. Reiner, who is the most defensively specialized Titan has recently seen his armor penetrated twice once during the fight in Shiganshina. The first because of the thunder spears and four years since then in one attack from one of the East Allied's Ships, which took him out.

Although he somehow keeps surviving, the future seems grim for the Shifters and Titans as they become more and more irrelevant in how the battles are decided.

What do you see happening to them now? Do you think the Shifters have any role in the oncoming battles?

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